American McGee’s Crooked House:凶宅小老鼠

价格: 限时免费
大小: 41.1 MB
系统: 3.1+



American McGee’s Crooked House 这款游戏是叙述小老鼠不小心闯进一间怪怪屋,这间屋子里面充满了许多可​怕的机关以及陷阱,你必须帮助小老鼠找到出口,离开这个令他发抖​的房子呀,全套共有 44 种难关、72 种关卡、并且可以选三种不同的屋子,原价 1.99 美元,目前限时免费中!

About the Game

Help the Crooked Mouse escape the Crooked House!
A dizzying array of macabre objects fill the crooked house.
Arrange the objects by to create a safe route for the mouse.
Fail and the mouse dies a gruesome death. Eek!
● 2 control methods (tilt or tap)
● 3 distinct areas of the house
● 44 types of macabre objects
● 72 individual puzzles
● Plus+ Awards and leader boards
● American McGee’s style of twisted fairytale

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